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As investors, we understand time is your most valuable asset, and sourcing real estate investment deals can be tedious and extremely time consuming. We are committed to saving you all that time it takes to source that one deal by doing all the heavy lifting and providing you, The Investor, with the best deals we can find, so you can reap the benefits of acquiring properties at discounted market prices whilst keeping control of the deal. You choose where you’re buying, the conditions of the property you are comfortable taking on, and how much you want to pay for it.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can take action on the properties that better fit your investment criteria. Regardless of your individual approach to Real Estate Investment, one thing for certain is you can always look forward to our next deal.


Off Market Deals

 As a real estate investment company, we pride ourselves on exclusive off market deals that will be able to fit any buyers criteria.

No Bidding Wars

All our deals are first come first serve. Everyone gets a fair shot at every deal and we pride ourselves on reviewing each and every OFFER before going with the highest and best.

Hassle Free

Empire Realty Group is 100% committed to making this process as streamline as possible so you can deal with starting on your projects ASAP

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443-787-6100 or 443-431-0113


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